Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hang in there!

I am almost tired of walking around like a fat penguin. Shall endure for a few more weeks... Having mixed feelings. On one hand, I can't wait to see No. 2 but that also marks the end of my 'care-free' life.

Oh well, I'll just have to hang in there for a few weeks more. I'm only 1 more month to my EDD.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Potato Junkie

This guy is Gab's best friend...

The food served at his restaurants are his favourite, just like his mummy's.
Like mother, like son. Need I say more?

Gab's first

Gab is one very fortunate boy. He has NEVER been on the public transport (other than the taxi, that is) since birth. All this time, he is being zipped around in our car. Yesterday was his first on the MRT. My little mountain tortoise had such a blast even though the ride was just for one station, from the Expo to Changi Airport.

Next on Project Public Transport, Gab will get to ride on the SBS bus! Still figuring how I'll get the logistics worked out but I hope he doesn't have to wait long.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The sleepy monster is awake now. Been too tired to post stuff in the blog. Life is pretty much the same.... some random stuff...

1) Gab turned 2 last week
  • He's more articulate now and is able to string short sentences like 'Meemee buy milk', 'Gabriel eat mum mum'.
  • Food wise, he's still very much a vegetarian. Not very adventurous when it comes to trying new food. Still operating on his 'I eat when I like it' mode.
  • Got a place at our No.1 childcare hauntdown. Will be starting in March 2010
  • Tried to start him on toilet training but to no avail.
  • Showing some signs and symptoms of 'terrible 2s'. I feel its quite manageable still but his Dad thinks otherwise. So for now, the wooden ladle is Gab's best friend... (We use that as a cane to hit his hand when he is beyond us)

2) Number 2 has turned 29 weeks
  • Went to visit my gynae today and he tried to prepare me for labour... quite a frightening thought even though I've been through it once
  • Already thought of a name for this one
  • It's time to start to prepare the logistics for No. 2 now that I'm more free
3) School holiday is ONE day away!! Yey!!
  • I'm telling everyone in school I'm going for my maternity leave soon, which is not really the case. I still have 2-3 weeks more of work when the new year starts but then again... my gynae said he can cover me if I feel too 'heavy' to go to work. Double yey!
  • Nothing much planned for the holiday itself but I hope to catch up on some reading during this R&R period.
  • Will update the blog more often as well (I hope)

Monday, August 31, 2009

I dunno what's happened to the old Blogger site. What on earth happened to the little icons to add pictures and videos?

Anyone help?!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quirky Boy

My son's idea of fashion is to wear his shorts over his PJs! This boy REFUSED to remove any of the 2 pants and insisted on wearing this to his visit to the PD yesterday. The PD must have thought that his parents were mad...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Too much, too fast

I am putting on too much weight too quickly! The weighing scale has been tipping more and more to the right.

I think I must do something about it. Cut down on my carb intake (think reduce intake of potatoes, bread, pasta etc!!) and not snack for the sake of snacking.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sleepy Head

New Bed

Gab has a new bed...

It's his Dad's guitar case! Fits him quite well eh...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


We've decided on the possibility of sending Gab to childcare next week and so I've been rather busy these few days searching for somewhere suitable.

Well, the search was fine actually. All I had to do was to go to the MCYS website and by some magical click, a whole list of childcare around my area would be generated. It's the getting into the childcare that is the most difficult part.

You see, kiasu-ism not just starts from Primary 1. It starts all the way from childcare! All the centres I visited already had a waiting list for next Jan's intake! OMG! It's worse than Primary 1 registration (which hasn't even started officially btw). None of the centre could promise me a vacancy. It's all subjected to the graduating class and the number on the wait list apparently.

It just doesn't make sense to me cos it seems that a handful of the kiddies who are already in the childcare don't need them at all! I've seen kiddos who get sent to the centres by maids and grandparents. Why can't these children with extra help stay at home, attend regular school and leave the precious spaces for genuine cases like me?

There's still some hope though. I visited a centre who could gurantee me a space immediately only if I made a $50 deposit. Though that centre is not my preferred choice, I guess I'll better be KS and chope a seat first. In the meantime, I shall put my name on the wait lists of all other childcares.

Sigh. I'm not really KS by nature but situation has forced me to be the ugly Singaporean.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Random Pictures

Kiddy friends...

from church.

The junkie.

His passion.

Sacony Run


Went for the Sacony Run yesterday. I was a bit more conservative this time round and only signed up for the 5km fun run. Relatively speaking, this run was more manageable for me than the 10km 'walk' I did at the GE Run last year.

It was more fun too cos Gab joined in the run as well. This little man enjoyed himself thoroughly during the run and did not whine in his seat at all. Perhaps I can join more of such races in future.

After the run.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hot Soup

It's been a long time since I last cooked dinner. Before I had Gab, I would cook a simple dinner on most weekdays.

These days, I am simply too tired to cook anything. Plus it just doesn't seem much economic sense to cook for 2 people. The Hubs and I eat like little kittens and we can always never finish 2 person's portions. Hence, the only decent home cooked food I have now are the fornightly dinners at my MIL's.

Things will change from today (I hope!). I bought a soup recipe book on impulse today and I'm so resolved to cook some decent soup for us on a regular basis but first, I need to buy a mini crock pot. The one I have at home is too big for 2 people...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

All about him

I realised that all my blogs seemed to be Gabriel.

Oh well, my life just seems to be so predictable perhaps. Either that or I'm too tired to log on the Net to bitch about my day.

So it's back to him again. Some recent pictures of Mr Naughty captured during Zachary's birthday party last Saturday...

Posing for the camera

STILL posing for the camera with his favourtie balls

Sharing the balls with Kayden

My most favourtie shot of all =)

Monday, April 27, 2009


I like this picture. It's so candid and seems like these 2 are up to some mischief.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Future Bill Gates

Monday, March 23, 2009

This is the way...

to mess up the house and make mommy mad!
Gab shows you how to sweep the floor.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sun day

Gab loves to swim. In fact, he is so confident in water now that he doesn't really want the float and wants to walk around in the water! Mummy was so anxious at the pool side, while Daddy the risk taker actually condoned to this?! Another difference between moms and dads....

My super helper

Gab has suddenly become my super domestic helper. Everytime he manages to get pass the kitchen gate, he would zoom in straight for the magic clean wiper thingy. Being the typical mummy, I would always snatch it back from him (cos that thing is so dirty) and shoo him out of the kitchen. Poor boy... his kind efforts are not appreciated.

Perhaps I should give him a chance to prove himself useful in the kitchen one of these days....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Gab and his new friend, Teddy...

which, according to Kwaychup can make guys look so gayish.
I suppose bears only make men look gayish. It doesn't apply to
boys. I mean, does Gab look gayish here?

Gab can now pose

and clap for the camera too.

New Vocab

Gab's vocab has increased over the pst few weeks. Previously, he could only say 'ball'. Now he can say more complicated words like 'jie jie', 'uncle', 'aunty', 'apple' and even 'teddy'!

However, there is still no sight of familar words like 'mama', 'mummy', 'dada', or even 'daddy', which sounds soo close to teddy, which he can already say.

I'll be waiting... in the meantime, I'm gonna flood him with 'mama' by saying it to him all the time.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Rainbow Connection

Why are there so many
Songs about rainbows
And what's on the other side
Rainbow's are visions
They're only illusions
And rainbows have nothing to hide
So we've been told and some chose to
Believe it
But I know they're wrong wait and see

Someday we'll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

Who said that every wish
Would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that
And someone believed it
And look what it's done so far
What's so amazing
That keeps us star gazing
What so we think we might see

Someday we'll find it
That Rainbow Connection
The lovers the dreamers and me

Have you been half asleep
And have you heard voices
I've heard them calling my name
Are these the sweet sounds that called
The young sailors
I think they're one and the same
I've heard it too many times to ignore it
There's something that I'm supposed to be

Someday we'll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

Friday, February 27, 2009

Results out

My blood test results are out. All parameters are ok except again for the fact that my haemoglobin is still lower than norm (but higher compared to the 1st blood test) and that I am anemic!

Then there is also this reading that indicates that one of the markers in my pancreas are just slightly higher than norm. I have to go to SGH in 2 weeks to get the specialist to hunt down the problem. Keep me in your prayers!

I certainly hope there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
and the health checks would turn out well


I had a "surprise" party last weekend. "Suprise" because I already knew that 2 of my friends were planning a party for me at my house. Haha.... We couldn't really get a venue outdoors cos of Gabriel, hence the decision was made for the party to be held at my place. I was supposed to leave the house at a certain time so that they could do the preparations.

Alas, it was raining at that said time and I was excused from going excusing myself. Hitches aside, I must say the organsiers did an excellent job. I had thought that only my sec school mates would be coming but no ....they managed to hook up with my mummy friends too!

Thank you Kwaychap and CFS for a job well done and all those who came. You gals made my day =)

Posing with Gabriel

who thinks that its his birthday

The big 3 0 !

I'm 30! Gosh am I old... Am glad that I had a good 30 years and hope that He will continue to enrich me and bless me with many more 30 years to come.

Gab thinks that its his birthday again

Singing and clapping

Fascinated by the lighted candles